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Press Release - Tippmann Arms name sold back to the Tippmann family

Press Release - Tippmann Arms name sold back to the Tippmann family

Posted by Erich Garbers on Feb 3rd 2017

Fort Wayne, IN February 3rd, 2017

Tippmann Sports, a subsidiary of GI Sportz Inc. has sold the Tippmann Arms name back to the Tippmann family.

Denny Tippmann Jr, President and CEO of Tippmann Arms Co. LLC, (a newly incorporated and separate entity to Tippmann Sports) is pleased to announce the purchase of the “Tippmann Arms” name from Tippmann Sports. Tippmann Arms will focus primarily on manufacturing firearms and will operate as a totally separate entity from Tippmann Sports.

Denny Tippmann Jr served as President and CEO of Tippmann Sports from 2011 – 2013. Prior to 2011 Denny had several titles at Tippmann Sports including VP of Research and Development and President.

With this purchase “Tippmann Arms” airsoft products developed and sold by Tippmann Sports will be rebranded to “Tippmann Tactical”. For more information about Tippmann Tactical visit

“I’m very excited to produce firearms again under the brand my father started back in 1983, Tippmann Arms is where it all started for the Tippmann family” said Denny Tippmann Jr.

Tippmann Arms originally produced fully functional half scale .22 caliber belt-fed Browning machine gun replicas. Today these half scale machine guns are very collectible and can bring upwards of $30,000 each. When the gun laws changed in 1986 Tippmann Arms ceased manufacturing firearms and started manufacturing paintball guns initially under Tippmann Pneumatics and later under Tippmann Sports, which was sold to GI Sportz Inc. in December, 2013.

Tippmann Arms will launch their first gun model called the M4-22 in early 2017. The M4-22 will be a premium .22 caliber rifle with aluminum upper and lower receivers and all the features of a true M4. The M4-22 will also be largely mil-spec compatible.

For more information about Tippmann Arms Co., LLC visit